What I’m looking for

My wish list…


  1. A story set in the Pacific Northwest! Perhaps a lyrical ode to our trees + gorgeous environment?
  2. NF in general. (I tend to veer toward interests in history/anthropology, but also love a good pop science book.)
  3. About a volcano!
  4. Magical feel without actually including magic (See The Night Gardener, The Bear and the Piano, The Antlered Ship for reference.)
  5. Foster family, adoption, or any sort of blended, non-traditional family structure
  6. Muslim child/family
  7. Refugee family
  8. Lesser-known Christian tradition from a non-western country/culture
  9. Lesser-known holiday or cultural tradition
  10. Food + cooking + recipes (making a family recipe)
  11. Mental health issues
  12. Glow worm!
  13. Biography of a lesser-known woman in history (particularly a WOC)
  14. Lesser-known woman of the Bible
  15. A story from history’s footnotes
  16. Cute + creepy (See Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett for reference)
  17. Girls in STEM
  18. Humor
  19. Bilingual (esp. Spanish/English)


  1. A teenager with a personal project or mission
  2. A teenager passionate about social justice
  3. Christian YA novel feat. teenage girl wrestling with the discrepancies between what she reads in the Bible + what she hears preached from the pulpit
  4. Horror/supernatural
  5. Creepy stuff
  6. Contemporary realistic fiction
  7. Christian Fantasy


  1. Historical fiction
  2. Take me on an adventure!


  1. Guidebook for how to live a fair trade lifestyle
  2. Guidebook/workbook for self-care
  3. Quirky gift books
  4. Adult coloring book
  5. Cookbooks


  1. Christian Living book with a social justice focus
  2. Christian Living book that unpacks the goat + lamb parable in Matthew 25:31-46.
  3. Devotional for dating couples
  4. Devotional for women
  5. Devotional for creatives
  6. Devotional for someone with anxiety + depression (Important to note I see these as mental health issues, not sin issues.)
  7. Devotional with a social justice focus
  8. Devotional coloring book


  1. Memoirs
  2. Sports stuff
  3. Adult Romance
  4. Erotica

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